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Who I am and Why I Write This Fucking Newsletter

My name is Elyse. I'm a journalist, I'm shamelessly obssessed with my dogs, and I prefer mayonaise to ketchup.

Once upon a time, I was an asshole.

A big one, as for as assholes go.

The people who love me will probably not agree. They would probably say that I “went through a tough time,” or that I “really struggled there for a minute.” But, they would be wrong.

That, however, is a story for another time. I will tell you this: there was a turning point in my life when I did myself the kindness of telling myself the objective truth: that I was an asshole.

What followed was my journey out of asshole-ness. It is a never-ending journey, of course, one that requires steps, small and large, every day.

As a wise woman once said, “Getting one’s shit together takes a long fucking time.”

This brings us to this newsletter that you have willingly subscribed to (I appreciate the fuck out of you, dear subscriber, I really do). Vulgar Advice is the voice in my head, the disembodied guide on my journey to get my shit together.

When I don’t want to workout, I tell myself, “Just fucking exercise.”

When I find myself sliding into apathy, I tell myself, “You should give a fuck.”

And when deep down, I know I’m being an asshole, I tell myself, “Sometimes, you’re the asshole.”

I write Vulgar Advice in the hopes that this voice that helps me navigate everything from self-doubt to making my goddamn bed helps you, too.

I hope Vulgar Advice helps you to not be an asshole, whatever that looks like for your badass life.