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Do you have a dollop of sage wisdom you’d like to share with the masses? Hell yeah, baby. Please follow the instructions below to submit to the Vulgar Advice newsletter.

What We are Looking For

Advice we haven’t given before. Please take a look at what we have already published. 
 If you have a different take on advice we’ve used, please send it our way!

Word Count

Vulgar Advice is bite-sized. Please keep submission to 250-300 words. 


Vulgar Advice delivers gems of wisdom mined from the collective human experience, packaged with a lot of directness, a heaping scoop of humanity and a *sprinkle* of cursing. Our tone is inspiring, empathetic, and fun as hell.

 While Vulgar Advice may sometimes be NSFW, readers should want to share it with their close friends. And maybe their parents (Boomers love us). Definitely their grandparents.

Curse Words

Curse words should add a satisfying zing to your advice. Please use a minimum of two curse words (shit, fuck, damn, etc.) or variations (goddamn, motherfucker, shitballs, etc.) throughout your text. 

Other Things to Note when Submitting to the Newsletter

If you have the opportunity to do so, use data to back up your advice.
Please link to any study you use.

End your advice with, “Today, (insert advice).”

Vulgar Advice treats everyone with equal directness, compassion and cursing. Don’t submit mean-spirited advice. We don’t stand for that shit. When in doubt, ask yourself, “Will this help someone get your shit together, or is it just mean?”

What Happens When Your Advice is Accepted

When your advice is accepted, we will notify you via email about what date it will run. 

Authors of accepted advice will be sent a custom Vulgar Advice coffee mug with their fucking awesome advice on it. 

Where to Submit

Please send your advice to and add “submission” to the subject line. At the bottom of your email, please provide your first and last name and one sentence about the worst advice you’ve ever gotten.