Sometimes, You’re the Asshole

We do not always have the best intentions, even if we like to tell ourselves that. Sometimes, you’re the asshole. For instance, when you tell yourself you’re “just trying to help,” you may actually be exercising a festering need to control other people because you don’t trust them to do things right. When you are “telling it like it is,” you may actually just be ignoring the emotional nuance required to effectively communicate.

We all carry behaviors that began as coping skills, many that no longer serve us. You may need to control other people because your childhood was fucking bananas. You may have developed a brutally honest edge because adults lied to you about important things when you were a kid. But you know what? Fuck that shit. You don’t need that shit anymore, cause you are an awesome badass who no longer needs childhood survival mechanisms to be safe.

Identifying your asshole-ness can be hard, but here is a little trick: think of your life as a movie. Would the audience be rooting for you? Or, would they think that you are being an asshole? Today, acknowledge that sometimes, you’re the asshole, and shed that shit that no longer serves you.

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