Hey, hey you beautiful bastard! We took some time off to travel across the country to celebrate the nuptials of two very fucking awesome people. We’ll be back to our regular programming next week

In the past couple of weeks, an AI priest went off the fucking rails, a cancer patient won $1.3 billion, and 60,000 bees were found in a little girl’s bedroom.


Rescuers in Australia saved the fucking whales last week when 160 beached pilot whales became stranded on the country’s western coast. 

100 baby crocodiles took a ride on their daddy’s back in the Ganges River.

The stupid assholes who want to remove wild horses from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota have lost, and the horses get to stay. 


This naughty kitty survived being shipped 500 miles after sneaking into an Amazon return box. 

We’ve never been more fucking happy for someone to win the lottery

This man was honored last week for an act of absolute gangster-ism 67 years ago.


When this little girl said there were monsters in her room, she wasn’t totally fucking wrong

A nine-year-old boy won what sounds like the most obnoxious competition ever.

An AI priest was defrocked. 

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