Fuck Yeah: Awesome News is a brand new weekly series from Vulgar Advice. Each week, we will send you nine news articles from three categories — The Wonderful, The Weird, and The Wild — that will make you say, “Fuck yeah!” Or, occasionally, “Fuck no.”  


A very intresting looking mammal is seeking revenge on the state of Ohio, which once erradicated it from its boundaries, by colonizing it. 

An unbelievably fucking tiny marsupial, the greatest of all mammals, has been discovered in Australia.

A photo of this very sexy walrus named Thor wins a national award.


Roger was deemed too playful to cut the mustard at a Taiwanese police academy. After this month’s deadly earthquake, he became a star of the nation’s search and rescue efforts

This guy in London said, “I think I will paint the walls,” to his landlord and transformed his rental apartment into an Egyption-Roman temple. Now, the flat —  as they say across the pond — has been given protected status by the U.K. government.

This dog went missing in California. Ten months later, she was found in Michigan.  Suck it, Homeward Bound.


This absolute fucking G secretly hung his own artwork in a museum at which he works. 

These dorks broke a world record at Niagra Falls. 

In what might be the best news blooper of all time, a Mexican news outlet somehow aired footage of a man’s balls during the eclipse. 

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