Fuck Yeah: Awesome News is a brand new weekly series from Vulgar Advice. Each week, we will send you nine news articles from three categories — The Wonderful, The Weird, and The Wild — that will make you say, “Fuck yeah!” Or, occasionally, “Fuck no.”  


This cat’s hard work guiding hikers on the Appalachian trail was given its proper due.

Indigenous Polynesian leaders officially recognized whales as people, which could lead to significant improvements in protecting them. We couldn’t agree more, protecting the damn whales, for fucks sake. 

Scientists in Japan discovered a new sea creature that looks like a baby panda skeleton, in a cute way.


This extremely, extremely old and adorable man has seen 13 eclipses and he’s ready to see his 14th.

This town’s city council wanted to close the library amid budget cuts. The townspeople said, “Fuck that.”

This man was taking the ocean’s temperature (yes.) at dawn when he found the best message in a bottle that’s ever existed.  


Space garbage probably hit a house in Florida

In Ohio, a crazed Burger King customer pulls a gun on a worker for…wait for it… giving him a $2 discount.

Two professional (???)  Irish basketball teams with very charming Irish names — the Limerick Sport Eagles and the Portlaoise Panthers — are being asked to replay that last 0.3 seconds of a game to break a tie. 

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