Fuck Yeah: Awesome News is a brand new weekly series from Vulgar Advice. Each week, we will send you nine news articles from three categories — The Wonderful, The Weird, and The Wild — that will make you say, “Fuck yeah!” Or, occasionally, “Fuck no.”  

The Wonderful

A dog who made a run for it while boarding an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle was found safe and sound and was reunited with his owner

You can watch these fucking awesome people free baby seals from plastic waste on an African beach. I’m not joyfully crying so hard I’m throwing up, you’re joyfully crying so hard you’re throwing up.

This absolutely adorable old man reflects on the extremely niche artform he pioneered over 60 years. 

The Weird 

A masturbating handyman gets off in Sussex. This is every woman’s nightmare but daaaaaaamn that headline, tho — the stuff journalism dreams are made of. 

This guy purposefully AMPUTED HIS FUCKING LEGS  in an attempt to get a $1 million dollar insurance pay out. 

A woman in England rescued what she thought was a sick, abandoned hedgehog. Then she took it to the vet. Spoiler alert: it was not a hedgehog

The Wild 

A sperm whale willfully has massive diarrhea to save its own life. Ngl, we’d probably do the same thing.

A 200-year-old beech tree in Poland has been crowned tree of the year, beating out a raggedy-ass French tree by 10,000 votes. 

Wildlife center workers in Virginia are dressing like furries to make a baby orphaned fox feel more comfortable

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